Joensuu Science Park / Oasis Game Incubator help game companies grow in North Karelia. At the moment there are about 10 game startups in the area and the number is growing. Here are few of them:


Joensuu Games OSK is a cooperative game company founded back in spring of 2014.

Having a vision to create well being for the North Karelian game industry, Joensuu Games OSK offers a training ground for future game developers and entrepreneurs and a chance to work in Finland’s game industry.


Polar bunny ltd.

Polar Bunny Ltd. is a game development studio based in Joensuu, Finland that aims to deliver quality content for gamers worldwide. Polar Bunny consists of developers ranging from industry veterans to inspiring new talents nested inside the humongous Joensuu Science Park. Founded in 2013, Polar Bunny Ltd. has been working on Parcel, a cyberpunk puzzle game slated to release in 2015.

Mental Moustache Oy

Mental Moustache is a mobile game development company based at Joensuu, Finland.


Ubium Oy

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