The main focus of the studies is on constructing game fields and game worlds using 3D and 2D applications. The studies include the design and realization of different game concepts into playable game levels and units as well as the animation of characters and elements of games. Focal technical programs in the game design studies are different 3D applications as well as the development tools of the companies operating in the game industry. The content and scope of the studies are currently unique in Finland.



North Karelia University of Applied Sciences brings you Game Programming Modules that make your dreams come true! You will be driven hard in the art of programming, starting from basics and climbing up towards more complex topics, such as object-oriented programming, design patterns, concurrent programming. With C++ used throughout the modules, you will get a thorough understanding of one of the most widely used programming language in game development industry.


School of Computing is one of the biggest departments of the University of Eastern Finland with about 120 employees. It is situated on two campuses: Joensuu (Science Park) and Kuopio (Technopolis). Computer Science studies follow the European standard, where students first complete a BSc degree in three years and then study for an MSc degree in two years. The Department has many international masters programmes: Cross-Border University, IMPIT and Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET.