Oasis Game Studio is a pre-incubator studio, where your own ideas can be developed into publishable games. Joensuu Science Park Incubator is helping game startups to start their business in Oasis Game studio and help them later on with services that are included in Joensuu Science Park Business Incubator.

Oasis Game Studio is located in 4th floor of Joensuu Science Park with outstanding outside views and top of the line café, kitchen and sauna facilities to ensure that making games is fun. Oasis Game Studio personnel works closely together with Finnish Game Industry to make sure the latest industry knowhow is used in all the productions that are developed in the studio. Oasis Game Studio has also full size auditorium facilities for large-scale game workshops and Motion Capture system for producing high quality animations.

Joensuu Science Park business incubator helps to implement business ideas and expertly guide companies through the challenging early years onto a path of growth.