North Karelia is the easternmost province in Finland. Joensuu is the biggest city in North Karelia with 74 005 inhabitants (2013-05-31). Province’s other cities are Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes and Outokumpu. In addition to these North Karelia consists of eight other municipalities: Ilomantsi, Juuka, Kontiolahti, Liperi, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä, Tohmajärvi and Valtimo. There are 165 445 inhabitants in North Karelia (2013-05-31). Total area is 21 583,67 km² and there are 2200 lakes, from which lake Pielinen is the 4th largest lake in Finland.
North Karelia shares 302 kilometers of border with Russia. There are about one million border crossings at Niirala’s border crossing each year. EU’s easternmost point is located in lake Virmajärvi at Hattuvaara village in Ilomantsi.

Lumber, wood, food, plastic, metal, stone, and travel are region’s leading industrial fields. Movies and games are new and rising industrial fields. North Karelia’s movie production is well-known even internationally.

Universities, polytechnics and other education in North Karelia: University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and North Karelia municipal education and training consortium.